The Alaska Crippled Children's Association of Anchorage Cookbook

In 1952 students from Shishmaref created a cookbook to raise money for the ACCA. Some of those students are now Elders in our community. This cookbook is a reminder of our culture and heritage. Click here to view cookbook

The Alaska Crippled Children's Association was founded in 1946 by a group of Anchorage women led by Ms. Margot Hoppin. The group was formed to assist patients at the Mt. Edgecombe Hospital in Sitka, Alaska. The women opened the "Gilded Cage" second-hand store in the Fourth Avenue building, using the bathroom as an office, that same year. The ACCA office and store moved to a new building at Third and E streets in 1948. After that building was damaged by the 1964 earthquake, they relocated again, this time to 711 East Sixth Avenue. In 1953, the first Treatment Center was established on Fourth Avenue, bringing the ACCA's work closer to their home in Anchorage. In the following two and a half years, the center treated five hunded and fifty-four children. In 1966, plans were started to build a brand new facility. The new building fund was started with the sale of ten thousand dollars worth of donated rice. Ground was broken in 1969, shortly after the ACCA split from the Easter Seals organization to become the Alaska Treatment Center for Crippled Children and Adults. The organization changed its name again in the 1980s, becoming the Alaska Treatment Center Medical Rehabilitation Services. Helen Dittman Beirne came to Alaska in 1956 to work for the ACCA. Her degrees in physical therapy, special education, and speech and hearing therapy, enabled her to serve on both the staff and board of directors for the organization.