Upon enrollment of new student (either first time enrollee or a student returning from being enrolled in a different school system) the following documents are REQUIRED!

* Enrollment Form (Click to download enrollment documents)
* Birth Certificate
* Documentation of Immunization
* Medical Permission Form (if parent gives permission)
* Survey Administration Form (if parent gives permission)
* Internet & Electronic Mail Permission Form (if parent gives permission)
* Permission to Publish Form (if parent gives permission)
* Student Activity Permission Slip (if parent gives permission) 
* Indian Ed. Information (Form 506) - Original mailed to District Office/copy kept on file at site

At the start of every school year the following documents are required for EVERY STUDENT. (Replace existing forms with most recent) 

* Survey Administration Form (with current year indicated)
* Internet & Electronic Mail Permission Form 
* Permission to Publish Form 
* Student Activity Permission Slip 
* Updated Immunizations (if applicable)

**For ALL new Kindergarteners and for any newly enrolled student who does not have an LEP status from their previous school system a PLQ form must be filled out separately from the enrollment packet as soon as possible. A copy of the PLQ must be emailed to the Coordinator of Assessment at the District Office to determine if that student needs to be screened. 

**All updated immunization records must be recorded on the State Immunization website(SelfimmAGE)

**Make copies of (or scan/email) completed enrollment forms and send to Student Records/Registrar at the District Office. 

**The Following documents should only be filled out when applicable.
-Records Request forms - only filled out if a student is transferring in or out. 
-Birth Certificate Request Form
-Authorization of Release of Immunization/TB Records